We Know Seafood... Underline Image

We know good seafood, we know how to buy it and we know how to prepare it. Unlike most restaurants (even the best of them) where fish is often a secondary item on the menu… at Flaherty’s it’s all about seafood. 

It's About Sustainability... Underline Image

Flaherty’s is the original “Sustainability Restaurant”. While many restaurants have recently adopted sustainability practices, Flaherty’s has been practicing sustainability for 40 years. As the saying goes, actions speak louder than words.

It’s About Wild and Free... Underline Image

Our fish is caught wild, not grown in crowded, stressful confines of man-made pens. Fresh fish consume natural foods (not chemical pellets), swim free in the oceans and lakes and mature at a natural healthy rate. Like “free range” poultry, fresh fish just simply tastes better.

It's About Fresh... Underline Image

At Flaherty’s all of our fish is fresh, most is caught wild (not grown in farms) and of the highest quality. Fresh fish is delivered daily… sometimes twice or even three times a day. Are you aware that the majority of fish served at other restaurants is frozen? We probably do not need to remind you (but we will) about the taste and nutritional value of fresh fish versus the frozen variety. 

It’s about Preparation... Underline Image

Preparing fresh fish is not like “slinging a burger!” The true art of preparing fresh seafood is one you will not find practiced at most restaurants.

And –It’s about service.... Underline Image

At Flaherty’s, you will experience a small town, comfortable, family atmosphere, where quality ingredients and quality preparation come together with quality service. It’s who we are…. come and experience seafood like it was meant to be.

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