How to Shuck an Oyster

How to Shuck an Oyster

We know you are totally in love with the various oysters we serve here at Flaherty’s but we want to make sure your cravings are satisfied when you’re not in town or can’t muster up the energy to leave your house and pop over.

For this reason, we have written a quick (but safe) guide that you can follow so that when you’re left to fend for yourself, you have the steps to ensure those delicious oysters on your kitchen counter can be opened and devoured (inhaled, slurped, gracefully eaten with a fork-WHATEVER)

What you’ll need : Oyster knife, kitchen towel and Oysters!

Step 1: Hold the oyster with the towel, be sure to have a good grip. Don’t want anything to slip out! 

Step 2: Locate the hinge of the shellfish and leave that side exposed when you place towel wrapped shellfish on flat surface. Tip: hinge is where the shell shape begins; semi pointed.

Step 3: Stick oyster knife into hinge and twist, you should feel it open.

Step 4: After hinge pops open, lead it between the shells and towards the top. Be very careful and take your time, depending on the type of oysters, these can be tough.

Step 5: When open, slip your knife under the meat of the oyster and release it from it’s shell.


Congrats, you’ve successfully opened the door to endless oyster eating because you’re fully capable of prying these babies open all by yourself.

I prefer to inhale the oyster with some Mignonette sauce, no utensils. If you’re making dinner for your new babe (or just handle things in a more well-mannered fashion), you can use a fork.

If your set of oysters doesn't look like the photo above, fear not! Flaherty's is located on 6th Ave Between Dolores & San Carlos, Carmel, California!

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