Seafood Grill

At Flaherty’s Seafood Bar & Grill by the Coast in Carmel, CA, all of our fish is fresh, most is caught wild (not grown in farms) and of the highest quality. Fresh fish in delivered daily sometimes twice or even three times a day.

Flaherty’s has the most wide-ranging fresh fish menu on the Central Coast. If it’s fresh and in season, you can enjoy it at Flaherty’s Seafood Grill.

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A curious twist for a seafood restaurant, we are known for serving predominantly seafood but also with great choices to choose from that are not seafood.

Plus, almost anything on our menu can be modified, as we try our best to accommodate our customer's needs. You can start with a Black Angus steak, with your choice of cut and decide whether you want to add Lobster Tail, Prawns, or even Fresh Fish.

For those of you who are not seafood fans, we have a whole separate non-seafood menu for both lunch and dinner. If you have not tried our beef, you are in for a treat!

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