Oyster Bar

Oysters, Clams, Crabs and Lobsters - Fresh Daily

Open Daily from 11:00 am

Best Oysters on the Central Coast... Flaherty's Oyster Bar serves a wide variety of FRESH oysters prepared just the way you like them.

 You can order from the full restaurant menu while at the Oyster Bar.

Oysters Fresh Daily...


Oysters at Flaherty’s are delivered fresh every day, brought in from the cold waters off British Columbia, California, Washington State and the East Coast.

On most days we have fresh Kumomoto oysters – the world’s finest oyster, as well as the Hama's which can come in various different sizes, and the very popular Blue Point oyster. Need a quick education in oysters or want to compare varieties, Flaherty’s Seafood & Oyster Bar is the place.

Unique Preparations...

Let Flaherty’s chef prepare Oysters for you just the way you like them. We can prepare Oysters Rockefeller, Barbecued Oysters and even Oyster Stew (just to name a few). Just let our chef know how you like them – then sit back and enjoy.

A Family Seafood Place...

We have two sides of our restaurant, Oyster Bar is more on the casual side and our Seafood Grill is a little more upscale, however the same menu is served on both sides.

At the Oyster Bar side, the atmosphere is causal. We have a full-service bar where you can even order anything on the menu, sitting at the bar itself you can get the best view of the flat screen TV.

The kids will enjoy the large aquariums in both the Oyster bar (check out the fresh lobster, clam and crab) and the grill side where exotic reef fish dart among the corals.

So at Flaherty's Seafood & Oyster Bar Grill in Carmel-by-the-Sea, CA, you decide where you will be seated, all for the same great prices. Stop in for fresh oysters in the Monterey area today!